Earth Hour at the Arts Centre

Earth Hour is when the lights go out, and it ‘s a good time to practice astronomy!

This year Campbelltown Council teamed up with Macarthur Astronomical Society (MAS) to show the night sky to about two hundred visitors during the Earth Hour event “Heart and Soil”.

Also in attendance were members of Wedderburn Rural Fire Service, Australian Botanic Gardens Education Team, Indigenous Elders, local dancers and musicians.

Some of my pictures relate to the striking modern architecture at Campbelltown Arts  but as I’m an astronomer, the images are also biased towards our public outreach that evening.

2018-03-24 Arts Centre With Telescopes2018-03-24 Arts Centre Canopy2018-03-24 Arts Centre Dave Ready to Go2018-03-24 Arts Centre With Rainbow2018-03-24 Arts Centre Waiting to Begin2018-03-24 Arts Centre Uncle Ivan2018-03-24 Arts Centre Stargazing2018-03-24 Arts Centre Fire Engine On Display2018-03-24 Arts Centre Mike, Greg, John, Dave2018-03-24 Arts Centre At Sunset2018-03-24 Arts Centre Moon Comes Out2018-03-24 Arts Centre Firies Watching the Fire2018-03-24 Arts Centre Dark Sky2018-03-24 Arts Centre Fire Engine in Forecourt2018-03-24 Arts Centre Earth Hour Begins2018-03-24 Arts Centre John Setting Up

No photos after dark – the clouds disappeared and the sky cleared!

Why not come to our free monthly Macarthur Astronomy Forum to share our passion for the Universe?

All images taken 2017-03-25

Image © R.Powell

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