Astro-Mural at Leumeah Station

I suspect some may see fireworks in this stunningly colourful wall mural – but all I can see are galaxies and stars!

What an amazingly artistic mural to liven up an otherwise drab western approach to the Leumeah Railway Station passenger lift, off Plough Inn Road!

EDIT 18th August 2017:

I passed by again and this time I noticed the credit box on the mural, which I overlooked when I took the above image. It’s called “Elemental Spectrum” by the talented artist Jason Groves.

So perhaps the artist was more inspired by events at the sub-atomic scale (e.g. as in the Large Hadron Collider), rather than at the cosmological scale which I envisaged.

2017-08-17 13.32.24crop

All images © R.Powell



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