The Campbelltown Silos

I’ve often argued that Campbelltown needs an icon for people to identify the city with. This interesting silo structure, dating back to 1933 would be one of the candidates, because it is certainly a landmark.

There has recently been discussion in the local media about painting murals on the silos to draw attention to them. This would perhaps help to “iconise” them with Campbelltown, if done tastefully.

2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo Road View 1
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo Appin Road View, looking North.
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo 2
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo now backs onto a residential estate at Bradbury.
All images © R.Powell
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo Shute
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo Looking Up The Side
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo – looking vertically up the side of one silo.
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo Looking Up The Middle
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo – looking up the middle between the two silos. The shute is visible (lower centre).
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo. A heritage house was apparently located at this spot but was demolished when Appin Road was rerouted to the far side of the silos.
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo – a view looking southwards towards Appin.
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo Plaque
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo – the Council Heritage Plaque informs us that the silo pair date back to 1933 but nothing else.
2017-03-28 Campbelltown Silo Road View 2
2017-03-28: Campbelltown Silo –  a view looking northwards from the western side of Appin Road.

There seems to be very little information about the structure apart from its date of origin. The Campbelltown Council Heritage listing for Bradbury says more about the demolished 1820s building adjacent than it does about what remains.

I assume that they were grain silos and are a heritage relic of Campbelltown’s past agricultural history.

I do recall that Appin Road in the 1970s passed on the eastern side of the silos but was rerouted to the west to make way for the residential suburb.

All images © R.Powell



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