The ‘New’ Courthouse

At the rear of the attractive Old Campbelltown Courthouse, constructed in 1887, is a modern extension, built in 1991.

Surprisingly, most of it is brick (which is somewhat unusual for latter day public buildings) and it doesn’t look too bad.


The big challenge for the architects at the time was how to blend the charm of the original brick and stone Victorian style with the modern more functional brick format of the new extension.

They failed!

Their uninspired choice of a crass, roofless portal – crudely constructed of reinforced concrete – outside the main entrance fails to blend the form of the new with the elegance of the old and it just looks cheap and inharmonious.

Please knock this grotesque concrete monstrosity of an entrance down!

I can guarantee that if this blot on the landscape remains, then within a few short decades some self-styled “expert” will decide to list it on the heritage register as a unique example of 1990s architectural style.



2013-09-09 Campbelltown Courthouse Rear
2013-09-09 Old Campbelltown Courthouse Rear in Railway Street, showing the HORRIBLE Concrete Entry Portal which connects it to the modern extension
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse 1
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse 2
2012-12-13: Campbelltown Courthouse – ‘Old’ on the right. ‘New’ to the left; and a horrendous concrete main entry portal!
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse 3
2012-12-13: Campbelltown Courthouse from Hurley Street.
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse 4
2012-12-13: Campbelltown Courthouse, Railway Street.
2012-12-13 Campbelltown Courthouse 5
2012-12-13: Campbelltown Courthouse: the 1991 extension on Railway Street.
2012-05-19 Campbelltown Court House
2012-05-19 The beautiful architecture of the old Campbelltown Court House, facing onto Queen Street.

All images © R.Powell



(edited 31st December 2-17)


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