The Hume and Hovell Expedition

The Hume and Hovell expedition was one of the most important journeys of explorations undertaken in eastern Australia.

In 1824 the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane, commissioned Hamilton Hume and former Royal Navy Captain William Hovell to lead an expedition to find new grazing land in the south of the colony, and also to find an answer to the mystery of where New South Wales’s western rivers flowed.

Hamilton Hume and Captain W. H. Hovell, of Minto, agreed together to undertake an expedition in that direction. They found men and horses and bullocks; the Government furnished them with pack saddles, tarpaulins, tent, arms, ammunition, and skeleton charts.

There were also six convict members of the expedition.

On 2 October 1824, Hovell and Hume met at Mr. Hume’s house in Appin, and started upon their expedition. They breached the Great Divide and crossed the volcanic plains north and west of Melbourne. They continued southwards towards the junction of the Maribyrnong River and Jacksons Creek and soon they arrived at Corio Bay which the aboriginals called ‘Iramoo Downs’ near the present site of Geelong.

They spent three days recuperating before retracing their steps back to Sydney, arriving back to Mr. Hume’s station near Lake George on 18 January 1825.

(This description was retrieved and condensed from the Wikipedia page)

The Hume Highway, the main road between Sydney and Melbourne was named after Hamilton Hume.

Located near the site of Hume’s Appin home, I have driven past this overgrown roadside monument many times over the last forty years but this is the first time I have stopped to have a look! I took the following images at the scene:

2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 3
2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 3
2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 2
2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 2
2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 1
2014-11-18 Hume-Hovell Expedition 1

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All images © R.Powell


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