Are these the only two old clocks around town?

A large wall mounted clock located on the NW wall of a brick church building in Mawson Park, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia. According to the Macarthur Chronicle, it was the first Australian-made tower clock and it was manufactured in 1832. It was refurbished in 2010 with a new, automatic winding system.

2012-05-19 Campbelltown St Peter's Church Clock
2012-05-19 Campbelltown St Peter’s Church Clock

This clock on the Old Campbelltown Post Office in Queen Street is in need of a little maintenance from the building owners. It has not operated for many years, which reflects badly on Campbelltown.

2012-11-03 Clock on Old Campbelltown PO
2012-11-03 Clock on Old Campbelltown PO


 EDIT: 8th October 2014

To answer my own question, there is a third clock in Campbelltown. I should have known about it, because I drive past it at least twice a week. It is located outside Macarthur Lady Funerals in Moore-Oxley Street, between Lithgow Street and Dumaresq Street. Unlike the Post Office clock, it appears to be working but perhaps one hour fast when I took this at 5.37 pm.

Macarthur Lady Funerals
Macarthur Lady Funerals Clock


All images © R.Powell


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